Taking care of your needs.

Taking care of your needs is written for those of you who feel overwhelmed at the moment and need a little encouragement to look after yourself. Here below is chart of your needs,created by Abraham Maslow, in 1943. Maslow made a chart for everyone to understand their human needs.

It is good to remember that when we are stressed, for any reason, we need to take care of the needs at the bottom of the chart. It might be all we can do until the stress goes away, and that is okay. 

This is to help you to get thinking about your own needs.

Caring for our self.

Here are some questions for you that are about your personal self care. Taking care of your needs at this time is important for your recovery.

Have you drunk any water in the last three hours?

Hydration is essential and our levels of hydration can affect our mood. See if you can drink some water straight away and make yourself a hot drink as well.

Have you taken a shower lately?

Have you worn some clothes other than your pyjamas today?

Maybe you could put some nice clothes on, to make you feel better.

Have you eaten some nice food in the last few days?

Are you able to go outside for some fresh air?

Maybe you could go for a walk, even if it’s raining.

Take shelter in a place where you can watch life going on and be safe too.

Have you cuddled a living being in the last week?

It could be a pet or a person.

Have you listened to music lately? Or sung along to it?

How are you sleeping? Do you need to get some help?

Here are some ideas which will help you take care of yourself.

Keeping a routine

Eating well regularly

Taking exercise, even if it’s just walking round the block.

Seeing safe and trusted friends

Going out every day

Working, whether from home or other

One last suggestion for you to think about

Think about creating boundaries around yourself in the choices you make for yourself, your friendships/ family, and the places that you go to, so you can feel safe.

For more thoughts about boundaries, there are some good books out there.

Check out the online book shops.


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