Rest is about reflecting on you:

Rest is about having compassion for ourselves. It is also known as self compassion. Rest is about looking after ourselves, and reflecting on the things that develop us personally. Those things are sometimes hard to know so resting and reflecting is an ideal time to work on what they are.

Rest can feel like we are coming up for air after we have been swimming under water. We come up to the surface and breathe in some air. How long since we took time to just breathe? 

Taking a 10,000 feet view of our life gives us a new perspective. We can reflect on new ways of looking at ourselves, other people, and the things which are happening in our lives. It can be like standing on a hill and looking at the view.

Rest is about us having the courage to break out of the usual routine in order to¬†find new ways of taking care of ourselves. Some people take time out of work and go travelling. Many of us can’t do that but we can think of other things which will break us out of the routine.

Rest is about you and you can be in charge of looking after your needs at this time. Rest is about reflecting on what in important to you.