I sat in the student bar on campus contemplating how a couple of days ago I couldn’t wait to go home for the Easter break and then all of a sudden days later I’m dreading the idea. Earlier in the day I contacted Philip, my boyfriend and requested we meet in the student bar at six thirty p.m. While I waited I looked around, there were students at the bar drinking as they stood chatting amongst themselves. Others sat in groups around tables loaded with books and their bags on the floor beside them as they drank, laughed and swayed as slow music played in the background. The dim lights contributed to the relaxed atmosphere and it was obvious that the students were making an effort to release themselves of the day’s stress of learning. This was the same place I met Philip over a year ago, during the refreshers’ week. I was enrolled to study to Architecture while he was a final year student studying Chemical Engineering. A prominent member of the Students’ Union, a member of the organisers of the refreshers’ week – he was very popular. So when he started showing some interest in me I didn’t resist, somehow I felt privileged to be his girlfriend. We spent the evenings in this bar socialising and reflecting now I wish I hadn’t. He graduated last summer. Philip turned up nearly an hour late and as he walked in recognised by most students he was greeted from every side.

‘Olivia, what’s so important that we couldn’t talk over the phone?’ he asked as he sat opposite me.

‘I’m pregnant.’

He leaned towards me and said in a low voice,