Some advice about keeping yourself safe whilst you mend

Revive Community advise that it is important to keep yourself in a safe place whilst you recover from your abortion pain.The ideas below are taken from real life situations in which people were feeling very low and found it difficult to focus on looking after themselves, which is why we have included this subject on our Healing Tree.

I have genuinely struggled with my decisions for both abortions. I needed some support in order to sort my thoughts and feelings out, especially with someone who understood. At that time there was no real opportunity to talk about it. 

Finding support before we start.

It is important that we find a safe person to talk with during our abortion recovery. If you feel you have no one that you want to trust with your abortion experience, Revive have trained advisors to help you, or who can refer you to a professional counsellor who is sympathetic to post abortion issues.

Keeping safe- some questions for you.

How do you look after yourself? Do you keep yourself away from risks and danger?

 Are there people you can trust, who make you feel wanted or believed or valued?

Where do you feel safe? Is it safe at home, at work, at college? Where are the places you feel safe?


There are many organisations available for you, who will help you to take care of your health and safety.

If you are worried about safety in your home, or feel unsafe with the people around you, or you feel unsafe about what you might do to yourself, call:

The Samaritans on 116 123

Or visit Social Services or a church like the Salvation Army who are there to help people.