Safety benefits us.

 During her abortion recovery, a woman talked about the benefits of keeping herself safe. She said:

“The longer I live in safety, the easier it gets to live in my body and enjoy life again.”

We might find that there are benefits to keeping ourselves safe during our abortion recovery.

What does choosing to keep ourselves safe mean?  Some of us, living in safety means that we spend time with people who genuinely value us and accept us as we are.

For others, it can mean that we avoid taking risks with our health. An example is that we could choose to eat more healthy food. Or we may decide to get more sleep.

In the case of our work life, some of us can feel unsafe because there are things we cannot deal with. It might be that we choose to change our job.

Furthermore, we might feel unsafe in our home and want to move away.

Safety can mean many things to many people.

What does keeping safe mean to you? Do you think it might be beneficial to look at how you can be safe?