Listen before it is too late

A young woman wrote this article in response to the part her family played in her unplanned pregnancy. If her family had realized that her hearts desire was to keep her baby, things would be different for her today. She wrote this as a plea to families in an unplanned pregnancy situation to hear what their daughters really want and to respect their hearts desires.

 Joys and sorrows weave tapestries

 In the deep sanctuary of our hearts.

Our lives are woven in with others 

Our family the primary weaver.

Well- meaning thoughts, actions and words

form our destiny though our identity is our own.

We have a request to make of our families:

Please listen to our heart

Wait to hear us out, put your own agendas away and listen to our hearts.

Please respect and value us even when we have messed up

Then well meaning would always be loving and kind.

As it is, well meaning often follows its own idea of what is good for us.

You did not listen to us

And you hurt our hearts.

We lost our children

Because you did not listen to our hearts.

Be well meaning but kind

Mean well and love me

Please love me.