I feel like my heart has fallen apart. I feel shattered. My heart hurts. I can’t even cry.

I feel trapped, hemmed in, fogged up. I can’t see things the way I used to anymore. Things have changed.

I feel so alone, no one will understand. How could this happen?

Why did I let it happen? I can’t tell anyone.

I just keep crying all the time. I see a baby and my throat feels choked.

Will I always feel like this? I am so depressed. I can’t stand the pain. My head hurts when I try to get all the horrid thoughts away from me.

My baby, my baby. What would they have looked like? How old would they be now? Would it have worked out?

Who will  listen to me, who will mend my broken heart, take the fog away, help me see a clear day, look after me, tell me they love me, hug me when I am down and help me to face the pain? I want to be glad again, but I can’t see a way out.

Help me, help me. I am falling, falling.