About Us

Revive Community is a resource for women who are experiencing a strong emotional reaction after their abortion and would like to explore their feelings in the safety of their own home.

The website has been designed by women who have experienced a strong reaction to their abortion in the past. Revive Community understand that not every woman will react to their abortions in this way and that many women move forward after an abortion with no reaction at all.

The Revive Community comes from a Christian perspective, but it is a non-judgmental safe space for those of any faith or none.



Revive Community want people to know that they are not alone, so we have published some stories of other peoples’ experiences. If you have a story which you would like to be published on this web site, please send it to us using the Contact form.



Our own journeys of emotional recovery led us to produce The Healing Tree for people who want to learn about and understand their emotions relating to their abortion experience. We believe that, with increased understanding, and the right help, many people can learn to work through their emotional reactions and regain a sense of well being.



Revive Community are starting up a new gallery called Journeys which contains peoples thoughts about their own abortion journey, through writings, poems, pictures, and music. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch via our Contact page. Your contribution will be published, subject to terms and conditions.


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The Revive Community Web Site is written for women and men who hurt emotionally after their abortion.
Our Help and Support Team are trained to help only with issues relating to abortion.
If you need professional help, please see our Directory on our Help and Support page.

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