Post Abortion help: 

We are Here for You Now.

First of all, a very warm welcome to the Revive Community Website. We hope that you will find this website helpful and supportive.

The Revive Community website is  firstly a post abortion support resource. This resource is constantly being written and updated by women who are experiencing emotional pain after abortion. If you are hurting emotionally after your abortion and maybe want some extra advice, help or support, the Revive Community Website can help you.

For those of us who had abortions a while ago or even recently, the common factor amongst us, seems to be that we find it difficult to talk about  our abortion pain. At times, we can find ourselves ” leaking” emotionally whenever abortion is mentioned. Furthermore, when the memories of our past abortions come up, we can feel unresolved, numb or muddled about it. Some of us can feel a bit overwhelmed. As a result of these observations, we have built this website to be a safe place for people who identify with some or all of the above.

As we tend to prefer dealing with emotional pain in private, we have loaded many resources on this website so that you can explore your feelings in the safety of your own home. Whether your abortion experience was a long time ago, or recently, the Revive Community website is regularly updated to help you understand and work through the effects of your experience. We want you to know that you are not alone.

For those with faith or none, we can help you get started on your recovery. We are always updating information on other kinds of  post abortion help  and support. So please feel free to browse this website on a regular basis.

If you want to talk with one of our Advisors confidentially, you can call us: 0300 777 3773. Our telephone lines are open 9am-5pm every weekday and our answer messages 24/7. Please leave us a message. Alternatively, you can use our contact form on the website.



Post abortion stories are on this site for you to read. It is good to know that other people have recovered after experiencing emotional difficulty after an abortion. We want you to know that you are not alone. Some women have written some poems or prose to express their feelings. You can find them on Journeys. We changed their names to protect their identity.



The Healing Tree was written for those of you who want to learn and understand how to deal with the emotions related to your abortion experience. There are many practical suggestions and information to help you to understand how to help yourself and to move forward in your life. We believe that, with increased understanding, you can learn to improve your emotional health and sense of well being. If you also need a listening ear, you can always call us for support. 0300 777 3773


Post abortion help and support: Revive Community Advisors are here for you through

  • Help and support through telephone counselling, face to face or email. We will give you practical advice and a listening ear.
  • Helping you to prepare for specialist Post Abortion Healing Retreats.
  • Referring you to professional services and centres which provide post abortion help and support services in your area.




The Revive Community Web Site is written for women and men who hurt emotionally after their abortion.
Our Help and Support Team are trained to help only with issues relating to abortion.
If you need professional help, please see our Directory on our Help and Support page.

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